Kim Saxe, director of Nueva’s Innovation Lab and Design Thinking program, will head the Design Thinking Institute. She is an experienced workshop leader with a passion for helping schools and teachers provide rich experiences for their students. Click here for a more detailed biography.

Workshop Leaders

George Jemmott - Since childhood, George "Tinker" Jemmott has been a fixer of things and a jack-of-all-trades. After earning his bachelor's degree at Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, he began teaching English in Egypt and Italy, in between mechanical engineering assignments in San Diego. At The Nueva School, he has co-taught Design Engineering to fourth graders (LED lamps designed for family members) and fifth graders (mechatronic tree house toys designed for kindergarteners) and Entrepreneurship to seventh and eighth graders (who delivered professional business plans to VCs at Stanford), in addition to coaching the Tech Challenge team (who built an accurate egg-ballista). Outside of school, George is a fire spinner, cyclist, amateur mechanic, and aspiring aerialist.

meganSmMegan Terra - A first grade teacher and associate teacher program coordinator at The Nueva School, Megan is passionate about developing project-based curricula emphasizing design thinking, inquiry, art integration, and collaborative learning. She earned her MAT from Colorado College and went on to study the Reggio Emilia approach at Santa Monica College. She previously co-directed the social and emotional learning program at a Reggio-inspired elementary school and has taught grades ranging from kindergarten to sixth.

Steve Westwood - Steve is a Technology, Innovation Design and Engineering coach at The Nueva School. He teaches Nueva's 4th and 5th grade Design Engineering courses, teachers Advanced Fabrication Techniques and Stagecraft electives, runs I-Lab Recess and supports students with CAD, laser-cutting, 3D printing, woodworking, and electronics projects. Steve holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, where he was a member of the second freshman class. He has amassed a broad and systems-oriented skillset working as a theater technician, NASA researcher, machinist, robotics instructor, and science, design, and engineering teacher. He is the person to talk to about mechanical fabrication and enjoys building things ranging from wood-burning stoves to machine vision systems for automated microscopes.


All sessions will be held in Nueva’s 4,000 sq. ft. Innovation Lab.
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